Image Consulting 

  • Wardrobe & Closet Organization

On a budget or don't have the space for more clothes? We'll work together to assess your style and review pieces that are already in your closet. With a 3 hour closet re-organization, we will decide what you you will keep, donate and how we can use additional pieces to elevate your existing wardrobe.

  • Half Day Personal Shopping

Overwhelmed by department stores and clothing brands? Have a special occasion coming up and want to make a "wow" impression? Well then let's go shopping! After assessing your style needs, for up to 4 hours we will visit 2-3 targeted stores to create outfits that aim to update your overall look and wardrobe. 

  • Virtual Personal Shopping

Don't have time for in-store shopping, I have the solution. For up to 3 hours we will explore online shopping and cover ways to maximize taking advantage of all the perks online shopping has to offer like seasonal discounts, convenience, and more. 



Career Development

  • Career Coaching

Looking for a career change and don't know where to start? We'll work together to establish your career goals and carve out tactics that will aim to achieve them. For up to 3 hours we will approach career management, professional social media presence and networking. 

  • Resume Building

Want to tailor  your resume to better your chances of getting that dream job, but don't know where to start? We will work together to craft a compelling narrative with your work experience, skills and accomplishments. 

  • Interviewing Skills

Want to be better prepared for that next job interview? Unsure of how to approach digital and phone interviews? In today's competitive world, making a good impression on a job interview is that much more important. We'll cover preparation, appearance, and not so obvious do's and don'ts.  







"By using systematic and personalized approaches, Antoinette will create unique guides to magnify your appearance,  presence, and personal and professional goals."